Lutron and grafikeye systems are very highly intelligent system that can change the mood and ambiance of your home, office or commercial property with a click of a button.

Theses systems are integrated to control anything in your property from lights to your window blinds from either a wall mounted control panel or a portable control panel.

Set the mood and ambience of lighting when you are in the bath tub relaxing, watching a movie or at the table for a romantic dinner.

With these systems you can literally control anything, use it to open and close window blinds and curtains, and use it to control your television or DVD player, your music set, you can even send the grafikeye a txt message on the way home from work to set the temperature of your home or even switch on the oven to start cooking your meal you prepared earlier, so when you arrive home everything’s ready and its just a case of putting our feet up and relaxing.

The grafikeye can also set times for lighting to switch on in certain areas around your home, in corridors and bathrooms for the kids for when they wake up in the middle of the night to use the toilet its ready for them so they don’t have to shout to wake you up to switch on the lights for them